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We don't just fix your daily driver car. We also specialise in plant and agricultural vehicles and track / performancer cars



Everything from clutch and gearbox faults, engine misfiring, unwanted clunks, rattles and knocks, servicing, brakes and tyres, exhaust repairs and replacement and so much more. For any more info please use the Contact form by clicking HERE or give us a call by clicking HERE!



Nothing is more annoying than having a car with electrical issues. It can be small things like windows and mirrors not working, car parking sensors not working to big issues with engine sensors that effect the over all running and performance of your car. These issues can cause long lasting damage if not treated on time and can seriously effect performance and fuel economy



Run low on oil and hear a knocking noise? Engine down on power or giving terrible fuel economy? Any of these things need looking at right away. It could just need a service or sensor change or there could be serious damage to the internals of your engine. We have the expertise and the equipment to diagnose any issues you may have, and put them right before you are stuck at the side of the road!



Don't risk taking your car for an MOT that could leave you with a huge bill and a permanent marker on your cars history to show it has failed. Bring it to us for our PRE MOT check and we will let you know any issues it may have and rectify them before the MOT day. With how easy people can check an MOT history online it is not worth having a permanent red flag on your car effecting the resale value. We can also offer drop off and collection for the MOT along with MOT repairs if your car has already failed!



Your tyres are the only thing keeping your car connected to the road. They are put through huge stress pulling and pushing the car round, stopping it and pushing it around corners. To neglect this is one quick way to making sure we come to pull your car out of the nearest ditch! Bring it to us to make sure your tyres and brakes are up to legal requirements and will keep you, your family and other road users safe.

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